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Shell Rummel Interview for the Sit & Sew Podcast

I was so honored when Stephanie Soebbing, owner of Quilt Addicts Anonymous, asked if she could interview me for her engaging Podcast, Sit & Sew. We sat down recently to chat and I shared my experiences as an artist and designer. We talk about the evolution of my career, art licensing, my design inspiration, my creative process and more:)  Stephanie asked great questions and our conversation covered the span of many years and a lot of territory that I hope you'll find insightful and interesting. So, grab a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy a listen. 

Stephanie and I have collaborated on a couple of quilting projects that will come to light this year. Additionally, she used two of my fabric lines, Soft Repose and Quiet Moments, to create beautiful quilts that will be featured in her upcoming book, "Simple Quilts for the Modern Home". The book will debut later this year so if you are interested in grabbing a copy, sign up for her newsletter so you are on the list! She has a thriving quilt store in Illinois and a very established blog and podcast which is a resource for quilters of all skill levels, providing daily articles featuring tutorials, original patterns and quilting news. Visit her website, Quilt Addicts Anonymous to see more:) 





It tells a Story...

Shell Rummel home decor and studio collection IMG_8671.JPG

Flat Lay Obsession underway, which means anything and everything is fair game. I've torn apart my studio grabbing swatches and products off the shelves in my efforts to show mix and matchability;)  I can tell you that it is completely gratifying, seeing so many of the products we have designed, working so well together, telling a cohesive story with palette and line and vibe. It's a culmination of intention, focus, persistence and patience... the method to my madness;) 

Interior Designers...we would love to work with you! Apply to receive Trade discounts on our product lines. Our current Studio Collection includes casual luxe Belgian linen fabrics, pillows and beautifully crafted wallpapers. We also offer a full range of wool rugs and silk pillows through our industry partner, Surya, as well as a line of Interior House paint in my signature color palettes! 

Natural Affinity Rugs, Artisan Made, In stock!

A special delivery arrived last week from our fabulous design partner, Surya. This is our Natural Affinity Rug (NTA-1000) and I just feel compelled to share it again and again with all of you because... well, let's face it, the pics online via Surya simply Do NOT do this collection justice. So, I am taking it upon myself to show the rugs in a visually more compelling way...How am I doing?;) 

Each rug in my designer collection is artisan made in India, which means every rug is truly a hand made work of art. The wool is very soft...feels so good underfoot. The colors have a shimmery softness that changes in the light. A beautiful product line and one I am very proud of. 

I carry the entire Natural Affinity wool rug and silk pillow range in my Shop. These products are also available to the trade, so if you are an Interior Designer, reach out to me and let's work together. 

Shell Rummel Natural Affinity Rugs
Shell Rummel Natural Affinity Rug NTA 1000 via Surya
Shell Rummel Natural Affinity Rug NTA 1000 via Surya

Do you sew?

In preparation for Quilt Market this coming October, I have been fortunate enough to work with some amazing quilters & sewers who have been creating the most beautiful projects out of my fabric collections. These projects are an integral part of our Quilt Market booth display and really help the Market attendees envision all the ways our fabrics can be used. We aim to inspire! 

When it comes to choosing a sewer to work with, I'm looking for a partner who is not only skillful at sewing, embroidery and stitching, but who also is interested in creating projects that will enhance my brand's softly sophisticated and natural design aesthetic. We are always on the lookout for sewers who are energized by the idea of working with us to create projects that evoke a more organic, modern vibe.  

We happen to have enough fabric left from both Bloom Beautiful, my newest collection which launches at Fall Quilt Market, and Quiet Moments, the collection we launched last Spring, to be able to offer up more of it to a handful of additional sewers. However, the turnaround time is tight! I will need completed projects back in hand by the second week in October.  If the idea of this appeals to you, if you have mad skills and if you can work on deadline, reach out and pitch me a project idea:) If I like it, I'll get back to you quickly and we'll have a chat to see if it feels like we're a good fit to partner up!  If I don't choose you, please don't feel discouraged! I will be happy to add you to our list of sewers...we pull from it often for various projects.  You can contact me via my website or over on my Instagram or facebook pages.

The video above is shared on my youtube station ( yes, I have one, and I invite you to subscribe there as well as I am on a mission to get really comfy with the dreaded video cam;)  

Time to Shop!

The Handmade Pop-Up is LIVE! 

the handmade pop up
shell rummel fine art
shell rummel fine art
Shell Rummel fine art

This year, one of my personal goals was to be more active within the different communities of artists that I follow. I tend to be quite comfortable in my cocoon of quiet but I recognize the value that comes with feeling a part of something bigger. There is energy in community, and particularly when it comes to artists, that energy is inspiring. So this spring, I leapt out towards the edge and applied to be a vendor at the Handmade Pop-up,  an Online sale which features fine artwork and hand crafted goods (ceramics, jewelry, fiber arts...) from 200+ artists, artisans, designers and creatives all around the globe.  

I am offering 5 watercolor and Ink paintings;  2 figurative illustrations which have been part of my personal portfolio and are quite special to me, 1 abstract land/sea scape which is unique because it's a little different than my usual palette... and 2 brand new paintings that I created specifically in honor of this event.  My pricing is reflective of the spirit of a Pop-Up shop... I really wanted my work to be attainable to those who would like to add it to their private collections.  I'm thrilled to be a part of this community and grateful for the support of women entrepreneurs that support and encourage each others creative selves to flourish.  

The Pop-Up went live today, so visit and see what catches your eye...If not my art, then surely the work of others will inspire:)  Please share this post along to your friends and family. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook as I'll share some of my favorites there, as well. Thank you, for shopping small and "local" and for supporting women owned businesses and the arts!  ~ Shell

Quick links to my paintings: 

Where I Belong

Her Confident Gaze

Between Horizons

The Small of Her Back

The Light Arrived

NY Market Week

Made it up to NYC for Market Week which always yields some lovely showroom photos. Popular Bath had a beautiful display of our collections, front and center in their showroom. Great to see it all together and hear the favorable reviews by the buying teams. Kohl's currently offers the entire collection and additional retailers are coming soon!  I was able to preview the next batch of designs which are still in production, but there are some nice, earthy neutrals, soon to be added to the mix.  Our studio has also designed some new concepts featuring bolder pops of color, modern coastal elements, eye catching geometrics and of course, our signature tranquil patterning. 

You can view all my photos from Market Week over on my Instagram feed:) 

The full Shell Rummel bath collection 

The full Shell Rummel bath collection 

Shell Rummel bath collection
Sandstone collection offers a full range of bathroom textiles and accessories in a modern marble design. 

Sandstone collection offers a full range of bathroom textiles and accessories in a modern marble design. 

Shell Rummel bath collection
Thanks to Home and Textiles Today for the beautiful Press featuring our new Sandstone Collection! 

Thanks to Home and Textiles Today for the beautiful Press featuring our new Sandstone Collection! 

Process: How Our Rugs are Made...

I am so proud to work with Surya on my wool rugs and silk pillow collections. Not only are the final products absolutely gorgeous but even more than that, this is a company that is giving back to the beautiful people who all give so much of themselves to create our products.

This video of the process of how our rugs are made is fascinating to watch...  I am humbled by the process and grateful to those skilled artisans whose artistry, time and energy goes into the making of my collections. 


Soon to grace our design studio... Microbatch Textiles!

I spent the earliest days of my career self producing a variety of product lines. All of my products began with my hand painted watercolor paintings.  From there, artwork was digitized, color palettes were refined, designs tweaked,  production techniques explored and packaging created to delight.  It was so much work,  ensuring that my artistic vision was fully realized every step of the way. And as I write these words, I recall just how much I loved it all...There's something about the process of creation from beginning to end that is deeply satisfying.  

In more recent years, I have been licensing my art and designs to manufacturing partners who then use my art to enhance their product lines. The collaborating happens between me, my team and the manufacturer and their art director.  Licensing also has elements that are richly rewarding, especially when our vision comes to life with a quality product, and I am fortunate to have many. 

But I've been missing a more hands on approach. So my design team and I have jumped back in and we are about to offer our first collection of self produced, upholstery weight textiles on the most beautiful cotton/linen blend fabric. And, just as I remember, it really is a process;) We are still tweaking to get color perfect, but it's coming along beautifully. We are so excited to soon share the full collection, which features our softly sophisticated, organic designs along with a few other product line surprises.  This collection will be offered to the trade via Interior Design Professionals and Showrooms and we simply can't wait to see what new opportunities may arise.  I'm feeling inspired anew... it's really limitless, where we can take this!  (upholstered furniture, anyone? :)

If you're a Design Professional or an Interior Design Showroom who would like more information about the new collection, (or, if you just plain dig what we're offering:) drop me a line and let me know how you envision us working together. 


Something New

Time this week, to begin working on some of the creative projects that have been on my list for a while. Ink is cool, because it flows as it wishes. It's a lot like watercolor...maybe more headstrong, though. I did spend a good deal of time trying to manage it but eventually gave up on that and enjoyed the unruly flow. Ink is messy by nature. I am still finding splatters of indigo and moss.

And while I'm here, let's talk about this palette. I only had three ink colors in hand which meant I had to work with what I had...which felt surprisingly ok. Yes, my eye generally prefers my ocean colors but these, in their own way, still feel soft to me... just in a different way. I like the monotone melding where the overlaps occur amidst swirls of ink. I really like the organic shapes, lines and edges. I love that it was something new.

More work/play to be done, I think.

I post most frequently on my Instagram and facebook pages... I invite you to follow me there. 

2014 Licensing Highlights

Our year in Review... It makes me dizzy (in the best possible way;) to look back on the last year and see all we have accomplished in my design studio.  It was truly an extraordinary year for the Shell Rummel brand in the sense that much of the work we did during the year was in preparation for 2015.  We've been steadily focused, and as is true of most good things in life, patience rewards!  So many  beautiful new products are just about to launch! It's such a thrill:)  

If you haven't joined our mailing list yet, now is a great time to sign up. I am most active on our facebook page and welcome the conversation, so do come say hello if you are connected there, too. We'll be giving away some lovely products in the coming months so stay close. As always, my gratitude for your kind support of my art and design work.  - Shell


Just a Glimpse- New Bedding for Fall Market

For months, my team and I have spent the majority of our time designing for Home Fashions Market Week which happens twice a year in New York City. Next week, I'll be there spending time with my agents, meeting with prospective new licensees and visiting my current partners in their showrooms as Fall Market kicks off.  Launching this season are 5 new bedding collections in partnership with Nostalgia Home as well as coordinated bath ensembles via Bacova Guild. Different for me this market, is that I have been invited to participate in the Retailer meetings for my bedding collections...I am thrilled to have this opportunity to meet  the top retailers face to face and introduce them to my designs. I am so proud of the work we have done. The designs are serene and soft, quietly elegant...I am hopeful the ensembles will be well received at market and I look forward to sharing photos of the actual bedding collections with you, once I am back in the studio. 


Studio Tour...Come Take a Look

For those who have known me a while, you may remember a few years back when I moved out of my old 1000+ square foot studio space and into my current space, which is a small, but sunny addition to my home. It wasn't an easy transition for me. I loved that old space and spent many years creating there and building up my business. It took a while for my home studio to begin to feel like a true work space again. But, as you can see, it's a vibrant and lovely space to work in. Yes, it is small... but the light is gorgeous, particularly in my mornings and late afternoons (a true cocoon of warmth),  I am surrounded by a rapidly growing collection of beautiful products featuring my designs and most importantly, I am comfortable and at ease creating here.  I hope you enjoy this little visual glimpse of what is truly sacred space to me.   

Shell Rummel Etsy Shop

Our Summer Intern, Gracie,  spent most of her time these last few weeks building a Shell Rummel Etsy store. I am happy to finally offer a small, personally curated selection of Giclee Prints and Original Paintings from my portfolio. I'm not yet sure if Etsy is the right place for my work, but many of you have suggested that I post there, so let's try it and see how the artwork is received. We'll be adding art in phases, beginning with the Originals. Prints will follow, soon. Additionally, if there is interest, I may add in some notecard sets, cell phone cases, mugs, stationery and other small products that feature my art. Let me know if there is a product line of mine that you would like to see represented in the shop.  Gratitude to Gracie, who was only with us in our studio for a short time, but who did some great work, including making this Sneak Peek video. 

I invite you to visit the Shell Rummel Etsy shop

Preparing for NYC and Surtex2014

The month of May has become notorious in my studio for being a bit chaotic.  We are in preparation mode for Surtex, one of our biggest trade shows of the year and Licensing expo in Las Vegas is right on its heals in mid June.  Trade shows like these require so much work in advance on our end in order for my agent team to be able to best represent my designs. So for the better part of two months, we have been finalizing new collections, updating my portfolio of designs available for licensing, creating marketing materials, art and banner images for the walls of my agent's trade show booths, arranging meetings with my licensees and organizing my travel plans for the limited time I will be in the city. It's a lot of work and yet, chaotic as the pace is,  I love it all! 

I'll also be visiting my newest licensee in their Fifth Avenue showroom for a working meeting.  I'm in the midst of designing several new Bedding Ensembles for them that will launch at Fall Market Week in NYC so the timeline is tight.  Decisions need to be made about fabrics, decorative trims and embellishments, colors... all the details that go into making a collection truly special.  I am excited to get to work,  really dig in and learn more about their production process and see what's possible! 


Countdown To Surtex

Thrilled to be beautifully represented at Surtex again this year by my licensing team, Jewel Branding. This is a show that I really look forward to...Love to walk the aisles,  spend time with my agent team, meet with some of my current licensees and also have the opportunity to meet with new companies who might be a good fit for my art and design work.  If you'll be attending, let me know!  I'd enjoy meeting up to share a cup of coffee, walk the show or take in a little eye candy at one of the most inspiring shows of all,  ICFF.  My design assistant, Rachel and I have been working hard to ensure that my newest collections look their best for presentation at Surtex.  As always, honored to be a part of it all and excited by the possibility of what's to come... Wishing everyone who will be exhibiting a successful show! 

Surtex 2013 - Imagine the possibility

SURTEX (Surface & textile design) begins Sunday at the Jacob Javits Center in NYC...It's a fabulous show and I know that my Brand will be represented beautifully by my agency. This is my second year exhibiting at Surtex and it's a show that my design team and I work towards and look forward to all year long. This year, I have designed five brand new collections including my first Holiday collection which I am very excited about.
I've done some of my best work so far this year.  I'm proud of my collections and I know my art is in good hands.  I welcome the opportunity to share my art and vision and am grateful for shows like Surtex which allow manufacturers, artists and agents to all come together in the name of collaboration. I love the feeling right before a big trade show! The energy is palpable and I am imagining the possibility... ~