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Natural Affinity Rugs, Artisan Made, In stock!

A special delivery arrived last week from our fabulous design partner, Surya. This is our Natural Affinity Rug (NTA-1000) and I just feel compelled to share it again and again with all of you because... well, let's face it, the pics online via Surya simply Do NOT do this collection justice. So, I am taking it upon myself to show the rugs in a visually more compelling way...How am I doing?;) 

Each rug in my designer collection is artisan made in India, which means every rug is truly a hand made work of art. The wool is very soft...feels so good underfoot. The colors have a shimmery softness that changes in the light. A beautiful product line and one I am very proud of. 

I carry the entire Natural Affinity wool rug and silk pillow range in my Shop. These products are also available to the trade, so if you are an Interior Designer, reach out to me and let's work together. 

Shell Rummel Natural Affinity Rugs
Shell Rummel Natural Affinity Rug NTA 1000 via Surya
Shell Rummel Natural Affinity Rug NTA 1000 via Surya

High Point Market Rug and Pillow Launch

For a few short moments, I was quietly watching from a small table off to the side as the Surya Sales team walked retail buyers through the showroom to look at my new rug collection. I was in awe of it, really... listening to them speak about the inspiration behind the collection, sharing details about the rug construction, commenting on the uniqueness of the organic patterning. In itself, such a pleasure to behold. A personal highlight, was when two gentlemen, seemingly randomly browsing, approached the collection and began to take photographs of the individual rugs. I heard one say my name and decided to approach them and introduce myself. Turns out they had read the feature article about my launch in Home & Textiles Today, were intrigued about the concept of rugs inspired by watercolor paintings and had come to the Surya showroom specifically to see the collection. I was left a little speechless... Such a gift, to know... so I simply smiled and tried to contain my heart, which was literally bursting with pride.”
— Shell

I'm just back from High Point, North Carolina, visiting the awe inspiring Surya Showroom and viewing the launch of my long awaited rug collection which has been in the making for over two years. Patience, I always say, rewards...never truer words. 

My rugs... 8 x 10" wool rugs, hanging side by side, catching the light so beautifully...shimmering and soft. The Natural Affinity collection, named for the natural organic compatibility between ocean currents and layered tidal seascapes, truly did me proud. Each rug in my collection honors the feel of those natural modern abstracted coastal elements and feels both relaxed and sophisticated.  Surya's artisans translated my watercolor paintings into wool, beautifully. 

Also launching at Market,  our silk pillow collection, many of the designs meant as coordinates for the rugs. The silk is sumptuous and touchable and the perfect material to enhance the watercolor feel of my work. Each brushstroke in all its translucent glory, comes through. So pleased!

While there, we had a fantastic design meeting with Surya's VP of Product Development to discuss my vision for several new product categories as well as receive an update on our second rug collection which is being sampled now! The new concepts, which were met with enthusiasm, will be a wonderful way to round out my offering in the Surya Showroom. I will share along more, as it all unfolds. 

Both Shell Rummel rugs and pillows will be available via retailers as well as online shops, soon. I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

Shell Rummel Launches Rug & Pillow Collections via Surya

This is pretty spectacular news and I am honored to finally be able to share it:)  

For over two years, my design team and I have been working and waiting on the launch of my first collection with industry giant, Surya. A dream of mine, to design a line of rugs that feature my natural, organic art. The Natural Affinity rug collection will launch at High Point Market next month. The collection features an assortment of abstract organic wool rugs, all with my signature design aesthetic. A lovely collection of silk pillows will also be available to the trade. 

There is much to be said for being patient, holding onto your vision, trusting the process, believing in your own talents and having faith that it will all come together as it is meant to. A very proud moment for me and my design team. Enjoying the feeling...

Surya's Press Release has been distributed to over 300 Media outlets. It was picked up by several of the Trade Magazines including Home & Textiles Today,  HFN, RugNews,  Home Accents Today and Furniture Today