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Feature Article in dpi Magazine Taiwan

Shell Rummel|海的律動 | The Rhythm of the Sea

I recently received my copy of dpi Magazine Taiwan (Vol. 217), which honored me by running a lovely feature article on my work along with a short Q & A. Happy to share a few images from my eight page spread as well as several passages from our interview. Warm thanks to the editorial team of dpi Magazine for including me in this beautiful, professional and high quality publication! x

Shell Rummel DPI magazine


Q: Would you share yourself with us? 

A: I’m Shell Rummel, an artist and designer whose art and design studio is located just outside of Washington DC.  I have an extensive fine art portfolio, having worked as a professional artist for nearly 20 years. Watercolors are my chosen medium and the unpredictable quality of painting with water suits my love of fluid, organic shape and line. I often detail my works with ink to add intricacy and depth and this has become a signature style for my work.  I have a passion for textiles arts and as a designer, I am proud that through licensing my art, my designs and patterning can be found gracing a large variety of home décor products such as rugs, pillows, bath and bath and textiles, via the Shell Rummel brand.

Shell Rummel dpi magazine taiwan

Q: Your paintings are full of organic lines and layers of color. You’ve said that your inspiration is all things from the natural world.  Where do you get the inspiration the most, sea, shell, tree or something else?

A:  Inspiration for a painting comes from many unexpected places but more often than not, there is a connection to elements found in nature. It’s no surprise that I am drawn to the water, specifically the ocean, and often pay homage to it via my paintings and design work. I paint what I feel more so than what I see…and nowhere is this more evident than in my modern coastal inspired artwork which tends to abstract natural elements into line, pattern and shape. The things that most often catch my eye? Many a seashell, oyster, tideline, variegated rock and seagrass have inspired my work…I try to pay tribute to the details of their distinctive organic shapes.

Shell Rummel DPI magazine taiwan
Shell Rummel dpi taiwan magazine
Shell Rummel DPI magazine Taiwan
Shell Rummel DPI magazine taiwan

Q: It seems you like all kinds of blue and green colors a lot! Why do you like these colors? How do these colors make you feel?

A:  My go-to color palette includes watery blues and greens offset by neutral greys and browns. There is a grounded calmness to this combination of colors that I find very soothing and of course, reminds of the ocean I love so much. 

Shell Rummel dpi magazine taiwan

I'll Be Right Here, II (Too...)

Shell Rummel I'll Be Right Here II

Years ago, I owned a fine art production studio. My team produced and sold literally thousands of Giclee Prints of my work to stores and galleries across the country. The slow dance of color matching each print to my original watercolor paintings...adjusting color and saturation, choosing the right paper,  inspecting prints closely for perfection before adding my inked signature to the page... there's an integrity in the process of ensuring the print was as faithful a reproduction as I could make it. That meant something to me back then. And still does. 

My growing brand takes much of my time and energy these days... I do get a bit giddy designing products for a list of spectacular licensees. But so many have written me this year; some who randomly stumbled upon my work on Pinterest, facebook or Instagram... Some who fell in love with my bedding or fabrics... and some friends who have been collectors for years. The common theme of all those emails was asking if I would someday offer for purchase my originals and reproduction prints of my work. 

And those who know me well, know I don't like to disappoint... so... a Shop page is being built (so, so close to being up and running) and I will once again dip my toes into production and offer up a small selection of artwork.  You can expect to find a small but well curated assortment of original works that I would love to see hang in a new home... as well as a revolving handful of new fine art prints...mostly limited editions, all hand signed by me. The painting above... well... that's the second in a series.  The first, I'll be Right Here... is my "Most Pinned Pin"on Pinterest (which has apparently inspired and sparked the creative juices of many this year.... another post about that, coming soon;)  and so I will be making this print available on my Shop page, too. I hope you'll check it out once the page goes live and see if any of my art calls your name. I'd be honored for my art to live with you..

2014 Licensing Highlights

Our year in Review... It makes me dizzy (in the best possible way;) to look back on the last year and see all we have accomplished in my design studio.  It was truly an extraordinary year for the Shell Rummel brand in the sense that much of the work we did during the year was in preparation for 2015.  We've been steadily focused, and as is true of most good things in life, patience rewards!  So many  beautiful new products are just about to launch! It's such a thrill:)  

If you haven't joined our mailing list yet, now is a great time to sign up. I am most active on our facebook page and welcome the conversation, so do come say hello if you are connected there, too. We'll be giving away some lovely products in the coming months so stay close. As always, my gratitude for your kind support of my art and design work.  - Shell