New Bath Collection has Launched

So pleased to share that our newest collection of Bath textiles (shower curtains, rugs and towels) and coordinating accessories are now available at Kohl's online. I invite you to view our Lookbook, which features each of the 5 modern collections and links directly to our shopping page via Kohl's. 

View the Lookbook, here

Shell Rummel Lookbook for bath
Shel Rummel Lookbook for bath 2

The Heart Surges - A Review, by Artist /Writer, C.J. Shane

Back in 2012.... artist and accomplished writer, C.J. Shane posted a review of my ink and watercolor painting, The Heart Surges. It's always a bit surreal/fascinating when someone looks deeper into my work and then offers their unique perspective. I love what Shane wrote...she understood the essence of my art which begins with my own layered approach to storytelling. It's years later now, and I have come upon her words again. I'm still honored by what she wrote and I invite you to read her review (below my painting post) and offer your own interpretation of The Heart Surges, if so inclined. 

The Heart Surges - original watercolor by Shell Rummel

"Even now, all possible feelings do not yet exist, there are still those that lie beyond our capacity and our imagination. From time to time, when a piece of music no one has ever written or a painting no one has ever painted, or something else impossible to predict, fathom or yet describe takes place, a new feeling enters the world. And then, for the millionth time in the history of feeling, the heart surges and absorbs the impact." ~ Nicole Krauss, The History of Love

Shell Rummel
Saturday Art Review by C. J. Shane

Some artists present us with images that can bring forth different stories in our minds. These images tell a tale that instruct or inform us. It’s impossible to miss the story in Picasso’s Guernica, for example. Or perhaps an image carries within it a spontaneous story laden with diverse ideas or emotions – ideas and emotions that are very often related to what we are thinking or feeling in our personal lives.

Other artists have the capacity to go beyond concept or emotions in storytelling, and instead they present images that can be seen, interpreted, or read in many different ways not bounded by one story line.  In these works, the essential nature or structure of the image can be read in different ways. It’s up to you and me to say what we are seeing. The image can be seen as micro or macro level, as a landscape in one minute, or a figure in the next; as abstracts now, or an  impressionistic rendering in a future viewing. These multiple understandings of a single image are especially intriguing to me

Shell Rummel is one of those artists who can provide us with those compelling images. In fact she says herself, “The fluid grace of nature and its infinite interpretations is my inspiration.” The word “fluid” catches my attention here because it seems to encapsulate the character of her work. The very ability of her images to be read in different ways manifests this idea of fluidity.

Take this watercolor painting, The Heart Surges which is accompanied by a passage from the book The History of Love.  From the title of this work and the book passage, an immediate interpretation comes to us. We imagine a “new feeling” entering the world, and we get to speculate on what the new feeling might be based on the image we see.

But there are other ways to read this. Are we looking at the interior space of a creature that carries within itself a heart and blood vessels and surging flood flows?  That micro-level interpretation of the inner life of cells or structure of tissue appears often in Shell’s work. Or stepping back a bit, do we see a reposing figure with pulsating vessels just beneath the skin’s surface? Or perhaps this is something entirely different. Perhaps it’s a sea creature with tentacles floating on undulating waves. Step back again.  Could the image be an island floating in the great ocean? We see rocky cliffs and sandy shores, tree lines and open grass prairies, trails and roads and little villages?  Or perhaps this is the great Ocean itself with that pulsating, surging life-giving substance that gives planet Earth its true name, the Water Planet.

One can always be sure that Shell’s images will be organic, made of earth and sea and sky, of tissues and cells and atoms that make up the things of life. Her color palette is distinctive and perfectly supports her artistic message. Although I know much of her time is taken with her design business based in Virginia, I am always very pleased to see her artwork appear in her G+ stream. It has become something of an entertaining puzzle for me to see how many layers of reality I can see in her paintings.

Something New

Time this week, to begin working on some of the creative projects that have been on my list for a while. Ink is cool, because it flows as it wishes. It's a lot like watercolor...maybe more headstrong, though. I did spend a good deal of time trying to manage it but eventually gave up on that and enjoyed the unruly flow. Ink is messy by nature. I am still finding splatters of indigo and moss.

And while I'm here, let's talk about this palette. I only had three ink colors in hand which meant I had to work with what I had...which felt surprisingly ok. Yes, my eye generally prefers my ocean colors but these, in their own way, still feel soft to me... just in a different way. I like the monotone melding where the overlaps occur amidst swirls of ink. I really like the organic shapes, lines and edges. I love that it was something new.

More work/play to be done, I think.

I post most frequently on my Instagram and facebook pages... I invite you to follow me there. 

Bloom Beautiful collection now available via Houzz

Just in time for the holidays!  The Shell Rummel Bloom Beautiful high tea collection has been added to Houzz! Click on the image below to see the full set of bone china teapots, cups, saucers, cake stands, bowls, trays and more...  The collection is lovely and delicate and features my signature roses and vines patterning. Would really make a charming holiday gift for the tea lover on your list! 

Our Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

Just in time for Holiday shopping... 

My fabulous studio team has compiled a beautiful digital guide that features many of our available product lines with convenient Where to Buy links that will direct you to where you can purchase that product. Pleased to offer a revolving selection of fine art originals and prints as well as links to our new Natural Affinity *silk pillows and rugs collection ( *wish list items, yes?)

So many have asked us to offer affordable personal & home accessories and since we aim to please, we have also included a small assortment of cell phone cases, carry-all pouches, wall tapestries and ceramic mugs via Society6, all of which make great gifts and stocking stuffers.

Have a look, see what catches your eye...

Click on the image below to view the Shell Rummel Holiday Guide! 

"Soft Repose" Launch...Thoughts on Fall Quilt Market 2016

So thrilled to have exhibited for the first time at International Quilt Market! I was truly humbled by the love and also surprised and honored by how many kind and enthusiastic customers from the US and abroad, actually sought us out, just to say, " I bought your entire Soft Repose line for my store!" ...Wow!  What a feeling. 

Shell Rummel Soft Repose Quilt Market 2

The Shell Rummel booth came together beautifully and really was a haven of calm tranquility, a place to catch your breath amidst the sea of rainbow bright fabrics that are so prevalent at Quilt Market.  I like that the serene feel of my Soft Repose patterning resonated so strongly with so many and that my booth ambience truly lived up to the collection's name.  Soft, quiet palettes can speak volumes, too. 

Shell Rummel Soft Repose Quilt Market 1

The Coats and Freespirit crafters and sewers created some really spectacular product samples to showcase the Soft Repose Line. As you can see, the patterning (with names like: Infinite Beauty, Raindrop, Tranquility, Steel Magnolia, Touchstone and our signature pattern, Pebble) really lends itself well to softly sophisticated home decor and accessory projects. It's a natural fit for pillows, poufs, modern quilts and personal accessories!  

Over the course of three days we met some of the loveliest people... Buyers from Independent fabric stores all over the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Japan and Korea... and on and on.  Their enthusiasm was truly awe inspiring!  My heart is full. 

Special thanks to Lisa Kaupp from Design in Motion Quilt Studio in GA, who hand crafted several of the pillows, tote bags and accessory items specifically for our booth from our designs. These samples are so fantastic because they give our customers a visual idea of what they can create with our Soft Repose fabrics! So much possibility...

A big hug of gratitude for my Senior Designer, Rachel who has worked with me in my studio for nearly 9 years, and counting. She plays a big role in every product my studio offers, (and, in addition to our fabric by the yard collections, we offer: rugs, pillows, bedding and bath textiles, house paint, paper craft products, wall art,  invitations and even Judaica) and was a tremendous asset on this trip!  I know she enjoyed her time in Houston just as much as I did as well as having an opportunity to interact directly with our customers,  She can now also add "videographer" to her growing list of talents;)   

Shell Rummel Quilt Market 3

Every product the Shell Rummel studio creates begins with my original, watercolor paintings. There is something uniquely beautiful when you can see the artist's hand in a finished product... That artistry is what makes my collections special.  Warmest thanks to Westminster Fibers for seeing the value in an artist designed collection and allowing Shell Rummel a beautiful showcase for our Soft Repose fabrics at Quilt Market! It was a true honor to be a part of it all ~  

We'll be offering more of our beautiful products as Giveaway items over on our Instagram and Facebook pages, so don't miss out:) 

Shell Rummel Soft Repose Quilt Market wall art

Shell's Pasta and Red Clam Sauce

Preparing the clams:

A few things about fresh clams I learned along the way... Preferably, cook clams the same day you buy them. Do not store them inside the plastic bag from the supermarket the day you buy them thinking you will cook them 2 days later... or you will suffocate I did the first time;) So, buy your clams same day and when ready to cook, rinse them well in cold water. In a large mixing bowl, make a brine by adding 1/3 cup of NON IODIZED salt  ( iodine will kill your fresh clams...) to a gallon of cold water...stir and add clams and let them soak for 20 minutes or so...this helps them release any sand/grit that they might have inside their shells. Rinse well under cold running water, toss any clams that have cracked shells and clean any shells that may have debris attached. Then, set aside while you begin cooking the sauce. 


1/4 cup of Extra virgin olive oil
2 large onions, finely diced
Button mushrooms, thick sliced
6 garlic cloves, finely diced
1 small jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced ( or, you can substitute red pepper flakes)
I large can of diced tomatoes
2 cups dry white wine
3/4 cup of water
2 bay leaves
Seafood: 1 big bag of fresh clams
1 big piece of white fish (I used cod but tilapia would be nice) cut into 1-inch chunks
fresh basil, fresh italian parsley chopped well
salt and pepper to taste

Pasta of your choice...I like orecchiette with this dish because they are like little scoops that catch the broth really nicely... much easier to eat than spaghetti. 


Boil water to cook pasta of your choice. Heavily salt the water once it comes to a rolling boil. 

On Medium high heat, heat olive oil in a large pot.  Add the onion and mushrooms and cook for 3-4 minutes, stirring frequently. Add garlic and jalapeno pepper and cook 5 minutes, stirring frequently so the garlic does not burn.  Add the wine and cook for another 3-4 minutes. You want it bubbling so the alcohol boils out a bit.  

Turn the heat down... then add in the can of tomatoes, water, bay leaves, salt and pepper to taste... simmer over medium low heat for 15 minutes. 

Turn the heat back up to medium high and add the fish...cook 3-4 minutes. It will flake nicely into the sauce as it cooks.  Add in the clams, cover the pot and cook for another 5-8 minutes. Stir once or twice. The clams will begin to open up as they cook. Cooking time is dependent on the type of clams you are using, but generally, when most have popped open wide, it's done. You don't want to overcook clams or they will get rubbery.  Discard any clam whose shell has not opened as that means the clam inside was probably not happy and healthy from the start. 

Plating (Make it pretty, people...)

Use a bowl as this is a brothy meal. Layer Orecchiette pasta into bottom of bowl. Spoon red sauce and clams over the pasta. Sprinkle with fresh basil and fresh Italian parsley. Add a light squeeze of lemon. Garnish with nice crusty french bread... I like to brush the bread with olive oil, a little dusting of garlic powder and fresh parmesan cheese...broil until golden brown. 

Enjoy! And Let me know what you think:) 

NEW bedding ensembles hitting stores this week!

Ohhh, I've been so patient;) 

Proud to share that our two newest collections,  Soft Repose and Sea Glass Mosaic are now available via Bed Bath and Beyond online!  The collection offers Reversible Duvet sets, shams, decorative pillows and coordinating quilts.  Each piece features lovely detailing, such as embroidery and watercolor tonality. The Duvets have launched first and the decorative pillows and coordinating quilt sets will be added to the BBB site soon. 

To order, visit the Shell Rummel Brand Page on Bed Bath and Beyond's website, here.  Only the Duvet sets have uploaded as of today so keep checking back for the pillows and quilts...they are coming;) 

Great to see some new product up on the BBB page and looking forward to new retailers jumping on board and carrying the collections in time. My favorite quilt is still on back order... can't wait to share some pics along of that one... soon! 

Shell Rummel Sea Glass Quilt set

Soft Repose Fabric

Introducing our newest fabric by the yard collection, Soft Repose! 

 Ever inspired by the fluid grace of nature, Soft Repose pays homage to subtle patterning and graceful lines. It's a livable collection of soft, graceful, organic designs and its quiet palette features a full range of tonal grays, enhanced by the unique translucence of hand painted watercolors.  

Now available for PRE-Order via Freespiritfabrics, here:)

View our Lookbook, here!  


Spotted in the Showrooms...Atlanta Gift Market 2016

My agent team was kind enough to send me some pics of our product lines as they came upon them in the Atlanta Gift Market Showrooms. A really large selection of wall art, both embellished canvases and printed reproduction watercolor paintings under glass made a nice showing.  Our lovely Bloom Beautiful bone china collection was prominently on display, as was an assortment of stationery items featuring my artwork. 

High Point Market Rug and Pillow Launch

For a few short moments, I was quietly watching from a small table off to the side as the Surya Sales team walked retail buyers through the showroom to look at my new rug collection. I was in awe of it, really... listening to them speak about the inspiration behind the collection, sharing details about the rug construction, commenting on the uniqueness of the organic patterning. In itself, such a pleasure to behold. A personal highlight, was when two gentlemen, seemingly randomly browsing, approached the collection and began to take photographs of the individual rugs. I heard one say my name and decided to approach them and introduce myself. Turns out they had read the feature article about my launch in Home & Textiles Today, were intrigued about the concept of rugs inspired by watercolor paintings and had come to the Surya showroom specifically to see the collection. I was left a little speechless... Such a gift, to know... so I simply smiled and tried to contain my heart, which was literally bursting with pride.”
— Shell

I'm just back from High Point, North Carolina, visiting the awe inspiring Surya Showroom and viewing the launch of my long awaited rug collection which has been in the making for over two years. Patience, I always say, rewards...never truer words. 

My rugs... 8 x 10" wool rugs, hanging side by side, catching the light so beautifully...shimmering and soft. The Natural Affinity collection, named for the natural organic compatibility between ocean currents and layered tidal seascapes, truly did me proud. Each rug in my collection honors the feel of those natural modern abstracted coastal elements and feels both relaxed and sophisticated.  Surya's artisans translated my watercolor paintings into wool, beautifully. 

Also launching at Market,  our silk pillow collection, many of the designs meant as coordinates for the rugs. The silk is sumptuous and touchable and the perfect material to enhance the watercolor feel of my work. Each brushstroke in all its translucent glory, comes through. So pleased!

While there, we had a fantastic design meeting with Surya's VP of Product Development to discuss my vision for several new product categories as well as receive an update on our second rug collection which is being sampled now! The new concepts, which were met with enthusiasm, will be a wonderful way to round out my offering in the Surya Showroom. I will share along more, as it all unfolds. 

Both Shell Rummel rugs and pillows will be available via retailers as well as online shops, soon. I'll be sure to keep you posted. 

Shell Rummel Launches Rug & Pillow Collections via Surya

This is pretty spectacular news and I am honored to finally be able to share it:)  

For over two years, my design team and I have been working and waiting on the launch of my first collection with industry giant, Surya. A dream of mine, to design a line of rugs that feature my natural, organic art. The Natural Affinity rug collection will launch at High Point Market next month. The collection features an assortment of abstract organic wool rugs, all with my signature design aesthetic. A lovely collection of silk pillows will also be available to the trade. 

There is much to be said for being patient, holding onto your vision, trusting the process, believing in your own talents and having faith that it will all come together as it is meant to. A very proud moment for me and my design team. Enjoying the feeling...

Surya's Press Release has been distributed to over 300 Media outlets. It was picked up by several of the Trade Magazines including Home & Textiles Today,  HFN, RugNews,  Home Accents Today and Furniture Today

Spring Market Week NYC

Shell rummel bedding
shell rummel bedding 6
shellrummel bedding2

Back from the Westpoint Home showroom in NYC and filled with pride as my two newest Bedding collections have launched to the trade during Spring Market Week. Always a labor of love, our collections feature sophisticated and tranquil palettes, beautifully intricate embroidered detailing and the softest cotton hand.  Both offer a casual chic, modern coastal vibe. Warmest thanks to the WPH team for displaying my collections so perfectly! The vignette was stunning and the beds looked right at home. 

 New Shell Rummel Bedding Collections will be available via retailers in the Fall of 2016. 

Thank you, Home & Textiles Today!

Very happy to see such a lovely feature article in the March 7, 2016 Pre Market issue of Home & Textiles Today. Spring Home Textiles Market in NYC begins in just a few short days and I am planning on being there to visit my showrooms and see the launch of our newest bedding and bath collections. It's the culmination of months of hard work and I look forward to seeing how our newest bedding textiles have come to life. The feature article can be seen in full, here

Shell Rummel 2016 Brand Book

I invite you to take a look through the 2016 Shell Rummel Brand Book. And as much as I do love words, there is something so lovely about a quieter approach... telling a story with compelling imagery often says so much more. 

We really enjoyed creating this visual glimpse of my design studio, a few of our product lines and the beautiful natural world that inspires much of my art and design work so deeply.  I love what I do! 

It's a pleasure to watch the brand grow via new product launches (Bedding, Bath, Rugs, Pillows and Fabric by the yard...all launching in early 2016!). Do sign up for our Mailing List,  to keep informed of our latest studio news.  

The time has come...

shell rummel shop page launch

Although my design business is always about creating a product that is appealing and sellable within a particular market, the majority of my paintings through the years have been created for me, without thought of resale.  Rare, for me to want to sell an original work and in fact, I have gently denied a request to purchase my art on more than one occasion.  I paint because it fulfills me to idea, emotion or feeling that needs to be expressed via my hand and the beautiful flow of water or ink. If there is any resonance for the viewer, I consider that an extraordinary gift in itself.  And if someone happens to fall in love with one of my paintings, choosing it to live with them... well, that's a rather epic honor, indeed.  

I have spent some serious time building out this shop page;)) Perhaps the delay is due in part to my own hesitation to part with some of my work. Each time I paint, a part of myself becomes one with the layers.  I can usually recall with vivid clarity the circumstances around how a particular painting came to be...the story that connects it to me.  I've been able to revisit so many of my paintings from my earliest portfolio, remembering the stories from those moments and seeing the evolution in my work. It's pretty cool and confirms my growth as an artist.  

In any case, the time has come, the page has finally launched and I am proud to offer a very small revolving collection of my work  available for purchase...

Each is hand selected...a painstaking process if you know me.  I will add new paintings to the galleries as I am moved to do so. I expect the Originals gallery will have a more substantial selection over time as I hope to share older works that are special to me as well as new work right off my watercolor pad.  It's true that not all originals also happen to make excellent reproduction prints, so I will only offer a print if the print quality is exceptional.  I labor over the decisions of which pieces of me to share along and I feel immense pride when my art is chosen.

I hope my work moves you.

Honoring the Wind Drift

I am a summer girl, much preferring warmth on skin and long golden days to cold and ice and the bluest of light.  But admittedly,  there is something quiet and lovely about the snow, too. It’s a short-lived feeling, but I try to honor it still, via my photographs. 

The daily walks in search of the beautiful helped me cope with 4 long days and nearly 3 feet of snow. 

Here, a sampling of the gorgeous glimpses of (almost tide) lines, shadows, hollows, edges and ridges that the wind drift provided.  More, on my Instagram feed and Facebook page



As I sit here with the sunlight streaming into my studio, first time in a week, I am warmed by the light...happy in the moment. I've had a great week in the studio. It's been quiet and peaceful and I focused on updating my website, painting, drawing...even got a little messy with scissors and glue as I tried my hand at some collage work. I have lofty goals for the New Year, some still forming... There's so much I want to achieve, both personally and professionally and it will be a pleasure to share more about my intentions in the coming weeks. 

As for the year that's ending, it was a beauty in many ways. The Shell Rummel brand continued to grow as our bedding and bath collections finally made it to the shelves of industry giant, Bed Bath & Beyond. More dot coms followed... and with it, the promise of more product... bedding, silk pillows, gorgeous wool rugs, shower curtains... We are currently working on new collections inspired by my love of organic lines and natural patterning, but also, no doubt,  by my travels to Edinburgh, Scotland this past Fall. Months later and I am still feeling the calming effects of my time away...profound, how the magic of a place can stick with you and make you look at the world with fresh eyes.  My time there deserves its own blog post with some special photographs shared along to tell the story visually...Adding this to the lofty goal list for 2016.  

I feel the whoosh of a gentle wind that goes hand in hand with momentum. Holding tight as it picks up pace. It's going to be a great year ~

I'll Be Right Here, II (Too...)

Shell Rummel I'll Be Right Here II

Years ago, I owned a fine art production studio. My team produced and sold literally thousands of Giclee Prints of my work to stores and galleries across the country. The slow dance of color matching each print to my original watercolor paintings...adjusting color and saturation, choosing the right paper,  inspecting prints closely for perfection before adding my inked signature to the page... there's an integrity in the process of ensuring the print was as faithful a reproduction as I could make it. That meant something to me back then. And still does. 

My growing brand takes much of my time and energy these days... I do get a bit giddy designing products for a list of spectacular licensees. But so many have written me this year; some who randomly stumbled upon my work on Pinterest, facebook or Instagram... Some who fell in love with my bedding or fabrics... and some friends who have been collectors for years. The common theme of all those emails was asking if I would someday offer for purchase my originals and reproduction prints of my work. 

And those who know me well, know I don't like to disappoint... so... a Shop page is being built (so, so close to being up and running) and I will once again dip my toes into production and offer up a small selection of artwork.  You can expect to find a small but well curated assortment of original works that I would love to see hang in a new home... as well as a revolving handful of new fine art prints...mostly limited editions, all hand signed by me. The painting above... well... that's the second in a series.  The first, I'll be Right Here... is my "Most Pinned Pin"on Pinterest (which has apparently inspired and sparked the creative juices of many this year.... another post about that, coming soon;)  and so I will be making this print available on my Shop page, too. I hope you'll check it out once the page goes live and see if any of my art calls your name. I'd be honored for my art to live with you..